Patience runs on all iPhone and iPod touch devices currently available

To get support or just communicate with other Patience users please make use of the forum you can find here.

So here it comes - the most current Patience version - based on more than 20 years of solitaire implementation history.

You can find the app on the App Store.

The game instructions packed with the application are available here as well. Just to give you a short impression. Please excuse the HUGE font used when displaying the rules in a normal browser. I needed that in a first approach to display the rules correctly using the iPhone built in UIWebView.

So what‘s special about this solitaire card game?

  1. five solitaire card games in one pack (still more to come).

  2. Wide screen game play having big handcrafted fancy cards

  3. Drag and drop cards with your finger

  4. "Double-tap-drag" to easily move a legal stack of cards

  5. Unlimited undo of moves within one game (even after leaving the app)

  6. No menu buttons or anything during game play

  7. Hint and "Clean up to Foundation" function from game menu.

  8. Real random card game - you never know if you actually can win.
    But hey - that's the thrill, isn't it?

  9. Silent game - play wherever you want without disturbing anyone.

  10. No scoring, no time pressure

  11. not just another windows card game clone